About the Mombassa Tour and other Excursions in Kenya
Please note that going to Mombassa, Kegelo and other locations are added Kenya excursions.  During the years of our putting tours together I have in the past been able to arrange everything  for 1/3 of the listed cost for such tours. Since this is a special tour this will be even cheaper.  Just the ground transportation along is about 1500 miles around Kenya.  To get to Mombasa it will entail getting a round trip flight from Nairobi to Mombassa and scheduling ground transportaion in Mombassa.  We are organizing this tour so that others who do not have the time or extra money can experience without having to burden the entire trip with all of these excursions.  For example while one group fly to Mombassa for three days others will remain in Nairobi and not bear the extra expense of air and ground transportation. There is enough to do in  Nairobi to keep you busy while others venture to Mombassa.  The same is with the expense to visit Kegelo or the Obama heritage tour when the miles are added up this will be perhaps a total of 700 miles just to visit Western Kenya and drive around.  We must also note that many on tour will be following their religious missions and many will opt out of the Kenya night life and excursions.  Those that can hang in there we will do everything and we will schedule the trip so that it will not be too exausting. One thing that I have learned over the years; if you give senoirs a schedule they are 100% always on time and no one has ever fallen by the wayside or complained about being tired.  Everyone has been so excited it seems as if the seniors have beat me getting to places.  We will have a grand time.