Anthony “Amp” Elmore is best known as a 5 time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion. Anthony has also owner/ operater Elmore Carpets located at 1035 Semmes 901 452-4330.  In 1988 Anthony wrote, produced directed in starred in an autobiographical drama about his life story first called the “Contemporary Gladiator” in theatres and later re-edited and introduced on video as “Iron Thunder.” The video version of the movie was distributed nationally.

In 1990 Anthony achieved his life dream of visiting Africa when his film “The Contemporary Gladiator” premiered in Nairobi, Kenya. Anthony's visit to Kenya was a harbinger and a life changing experience for Anthony. After visiting Kenya Anthony re-committed his life in an effort to heal the “Global family” and he worked even harder in his passion as a community organizer in Memphis, Tennessee. Anthony committed to tell people about the beauty of Africa and for many years he promoted African tours. In 1995 he married a Kenyan woman and in 1998 they had a son named Anthony “Amp” Elmore Jr. who is technically “half Kenyan” like President Barack Obama Jr.

In 1998 Anthony expanded his African vision by visiting the West African Country of Ghana and this is when he connected the dots in his effort to help bring Africa style into mainstream American culture. Anthony begin working as an African designer combining both the African style with “International Standards” creating what Anthony call; “A New Art form” called African Style. Over past decade Anthony worked a designing African fashions and he presented his ideas to premier American stores like Sax Fifth Avenue. Anthony designed an entire array of African products from shoes, coats, hats, suits, shirts. In 2009 Anthony designed a “Mud Cloth Tuxedo” for President Barack Obama and Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen presented this bold idea to the President's staff for review.

In 2006 Anthony created the first “All African Home” in America and perhaps the world. Anthony traveled to Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia to find products for the home and he used produced from Cameron and Mali to complete his vision of creating an anchor home to display African Style products in the home. Anthony called his home the SAFARI house or an acronym for Styled African Furnishings Application Renaissance Initiative. Anthony asked Congressman Steve Cohen to introduce the word “African Style” into Congressional Records since no one has ever defined the word in the English Lexicon. Elmore defined African Style to mean; “Furnishing or fashions created with dominate natural African indigenous materials characteristic of a style or fashion modeled in African, ethos origin culture and art.” Anthony's first idea was to make his home more of an African showroom to display African products however most looked upon the home not only as a showroom but they looked upon the home as a Museum as people begin to request tours of the home.

Since the election of President Barack Obama's call for community service Anthony and his now wife Bogalech Akeberegn Debaye Elmore who is from the country of Ethiopia decided to turn their home into a full fledged African cultural museum and educational institute. They charted their home as the Safari House Museum and cultural Institute. The home resides in the Memphis Black historic section of Orange Mound in Memphis, Tennessee. The also operate Elmore Carpets from this location.

While converting his home into a Museum Anthony decided to use his passion and marketing skills to fulfill his mission to right the wrongs of slavery by promoting positive images of Africa and helping the world to see Africa in a positive light. Elmore is dedicating his life to this mission. Anthony is very proud of the Kenya connection that both he and President Obama hold. Anthony tells the story of him meeting then President Daniel Arap Moi of Kenya and him explaining his passion to President Moi. President Moi called Anthony an “African Ambassador.” Anthony jokes that since President Moi was the President of his Kenya family that makes him an African Ambassador.

Anthony has committed to use his passion and experience to promote tours to the African countries of Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana, and Anthony had launched a diplomatic program called Safari Initiative 2010 where he has designed a program to help bring African countries into the 21 century. Anthony is also a community activist in Memphis since his high school days where he lead the 1st 18 year old voter registration drive in Tennessee in 1971.

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The African stye Obama Tuxedo Design
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