Please note that we are organizing as part of the "Safari Homecoming Celebration" the Barack Obama Jr. Heritage Tour.  While at the time of this posting the Kenyan Government has not officially sanctioned this event, we have 100% confirmation from the Luo representatives of President Obama's ethnic tribe who lives in Western Kenya 100% support of the "Safari Initiative."  The Luo people or President Obama's ancestral tribe has agreed to welcome and honor its African American family via a celebration in the larger town of Kisumu in Western Kenya.  President Obama's home town is Kogelo 40 miles from Kisumu. We are planning a big celebration in the town of Kisumu.  When you visit we are going to have an "Old Fashion" USA styled "Family Re-Union Picnic."   The Kenyans will cook food and we will have a grand celebration.  Many will in fact meet the actual family of President Barack Obama Jr.
Click on the above picture to see Anthony "Amp" Elmore and Grandmama Sarah Obama who endorse the Safari Initiative.

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