The quickest and most organic way to build relationships between Africans and African Americans is via date and love connections.  In 1995 I married a beautiful Kenyan woman.  Today we are no longer married but we have a wonderful  son who at the time of this posting is 16 years old. 

Africa offers great opportunities for both men and women.  Years ago there was a movie called "How Stella got her grove back."  This movie was set in the carribean islands.  Africa offers greater excitement. Many woman in America love the African male actor Idris Elba.  There is a lot of buzz for Lupita Nyong'o the Mexican born Kenyan female actor.

The Safari Homecoming Celebration is a way to link people up  who would otherwise not have the opportunity to find a connection.

At the time of this posting  I have been married to an Ethiopian woman for 10 years.  In the photograph below is my ex-Kenyan wife. She modeled in a bit in Kenya.  We operated an African Import store in Memphis.  She is featured in the photograph below with my late father William Frank Elmore. We promoted African designer fashions.