Kenya has every type of hotel imaginable that fits everyone's life style or budget.   The world class or season traveler will not have any problem finding the perfect hotel in Kenya.  The "Safari Homecoming Celebration" is different than just taking a tour or vacation.  We expect 1000's of African Americans to travel to this event.  Many African Americans  will travel to Kenya with the hope and faith of connecting with their "African Heritage." This group is not concerned about a hotel other than it being safe, clean and comfortable.  Many will travel to Kenya on a "Shoestring Budget" and coming to Kenya will be a "stretch and strain" on the household budget. These individuals will travel to Kenya on the faith that they will be well taken care of and accomodated  respectively. Our job is to arrange travel packages for everyone's budget. We all will join together as family to make this event happen in 2018.

Before there was "Kenya in 1963" Whites have traveled to this part of Africa for tours and Safaris. While White love nature more than the "Urban African/American" our plan is to organize in Kenya the 1st massive African/American camp. We will jam and have a grand time away from Nairobi and we will all camp out.  We know this idea is not too "cool" with Black folk in America.  It does not make sense to travel 7000 miles and get a historic feel and fun in Africa.  It will not be just a small camp but the goal is  for 1000's of us to celebrate with the Kenyans. We will have lights electricity and thing will be very nice.  This will be a trip of a life time you will be in Kenya with family and friends.  You will meet the Massai People who have lived in this part of Africa for over 5000 years.