We will take a Tour of the Amazing Lake Nakuru In Kenya
Our Scary Baboon and Lion Story at lake Nakuru
In 1994 I took a group to Kenya and we visited Lake Nakuru we were watching Baboons from the saftey of our van. Those Baboons were some distance away.  One smart person decided to throw a biscuit to what appeared to be a nice lonely Baboon. After thowing that bisuit a few Baboons made what appeared to be a 15 feet vertical leap and they were on top of our Safari Van showing teeth demanding food. I cannot think of lady's name who lives in Westwood in a panic she screemed and cleared her bag of biscuits the bamboons chased the food and we knew never to feed these animals again.  On another occasion we were looking on the ground site seeing and just above our head looking down on us was a Lion in a tree resting and looking at us.  These Lions at Lake Nakuru have spots that blen in and you cannot see them.  One White couple was so comfortable with the animals that they took  a walk stroling holding hands our driver told them that they should not be doing such .
After taking in the sites at Lake Nakuru we will have lunch at a game hotel and head back to Nairobi. Most African/American would rather spend the night in the city rather than chilling at a game park hotel.  Secondly the city hotel is cheaper than the game park resort hotels.  Those who will travel to Western Kenya to the Barack Obama Heritage tour will continue to travel to Kisumu. Near the Obama ancestal town of Kogelo.