This is a clear picture of the Safari Mini Vans in Kenya. These vans seat a maximum about eight people.  We will break in to small groups and each of us will have our own driver.  The distant from Nairobi to the Massai Mara game park is about 200 miles or a 4 to 6 hour drive.  We will get up early morning and depart Nairobi to the game reserve.  We will spend one night at this park at a luxury camp or hotel. The joy of Kenya is to experience Massai Mara.
These are pictures of luxury campsites at Massai Mara Hotel sites.  All food is served on table cloths and some of these camps have swimming pool they all have large dinning area and real hotel life mixed with Safari.
My last stay at Safari was the Mara Fig Tree Hotel
Depending on how many of us take tour we will have vans like this. We want everyone to understand that the tour is a lot of ground travel in Kenya in vans such as this.
These are pictures of the real luxury camp site hotels in Kenya look like.
This is the dinning room.
This is the porch of a tent.  In the morning monkeys are all around getting food.
This is the hotel swimming pool
This is the camp entrance the landscape is heaven
This is a picture of the hotel campsite
This is a covered bridge at the site
Imagine that you have traveled 10,000 miles to Kenya  and you are spending the night a a game park hotel away from the city. It is a remarkable feeling being with friends and family and having such an experience.  This is a rare treat that many African/Americans have never experienced.  During my 20 years of Kenya experience I have never seen or heard tell of a large African/American group at a Safari hotel.  African/Americans are so rare that it is almost racist.  During one trip my ex-wife Zuri who speaks French over heard a French group asking why were we at the hotel. My ex-wife gave the Frend woman some choice words in French.  Most people simply have no idea what a Safari tour is like.  We post these picture so that those who travel can prepare themselves like remembering to bring your swiming trunks if you choose to swim at the game drive.
We have made it to the camp after departing Nairobi we eat lunch and you can chill or take a nap before our evening game drive.
This is how close you can get to a lion in Kenya
We will see thousands and thousands of animals
After the evening game drive, a shower, there is dinner, entertainment and sleep and up early for another morning game drive

President Obama at Safari with a Massai

Massai entertainment after dinner

Please understand that such a happening in Kenya is unprecedented.  This event will attract more African/Americans to Africa than any event in the history of Africa.  Kenya or us as the promoters or coordinators of the event will have to make special provisions. Those of use as a group will travel to Massai Mara animal Park.  Since we will have no place to stay.  We will have to set up a "Temporary Camp."  We are going to require 100's of Tents.  We will ask President Obama and the American Government to supply us with the use of surplus tents.  We will "Jam in the Jungle" and have music, food , culture and a great time in Kenya.  Since there will be so many Americans  Kenya will make sure that soldiers are around to protect their special guest.

Those who will opt not to take the Safari trip in Massai will travel to Kisumu or Barack Obama land via car, train, bus or airplane.  Also Kisumu will not be able to accomodate all of us and we may have to bring our tents to Kisumu.

Those  who do  not have hotel fees will be accomodated  via tents while  in Kisumu.

       Click on the Above Picture to see the Video African Americans on a Kenya Safari