EarlyMorning Game Drive In Kenya at Massai Mara
After seeing animals at Lake Nakuru and returning the next morning and traveling a day and a half at Massai Mara most people will have their fill of seeing animals and after completing our morning Game Drive some will return back to Nairobi.  Most of us will take a caravan to the Luo Land of Barack Obama Sr.  We will arrive in Kisumu in about 5 hours just in time for dinner.  When we get to Kisumu there will be a celebration and everyone will be waiting on us in Kisumu.  We will have an evening and night celebration in Kisumu.  In the morning we will visit Lake Victoria and all of the sights in Luo land including Barack Obama's family home and the area of Kegelo.  After a busy day in Luo land we will travel back to Nairobi.  You will be exausted ready to come home or rest.  The Next stop will be Mombassa for those who have the budget. We will fly to Mombass and chill on the beach for a few days.