About our Hotel stay in Kenya in East Africa
For decades young white college students have been coming to Kenya and having a wonderful time.  Many grab a backpack and manage their way all around Kenya and Ethiopia using cheap local transportation and lodging.  Such courage is not a quality of the typical African/Americans.  I discussed the upcoming trip with a sister who is interested in traveling and she made it clear to me that she does do economy hotels.  She told the story of her church group going on a trip and they stayed at the Econo lodge and she checked out of the motel and got her a luxury hotel in another part of town.  Those of us who are making this trip must do what we have to do to get to Africa.  If it means that some of us must double up up in a room to save money and be able to travel that is okay with me.  At the same instance those who travel with us who has the money to afford luxury accomodations will be able to make this tour and enjoy every benefit that their success and financial fortune will allow.  Every hotel that I have stayed in Africa have their advantages and disavantages.  Whenever I travel to Ghana  I never stay at the tourist hotels, instead I stay in a typical African hotel around typical African people and I have a ball because you can get the local food.  While in Ghana my wife Bogalech each night would walk outside our room and these vendors are all over selling food to earn a living.  She would take her hands and grab a fish in put it in a portable gas pot and warm the fish and African yams and wrap the food in newspaper, this was rough and most American would be afraid of such, however that fish was good as I do not know what and I cannot wait to return to Ghana to get more of that good fish. I have traveled to kenya almost each year since 1990 and I have taken many groups to Kenya. I have lived all over Kenya and have experienced many hotels in Kenya.  We will now examine many hotels in Kenya.
This is a five star Hotel called the Grand Regency. We promoted a concert at this hotel with a Memphis singer and I stayed here for two weeks.  This hotel books for $150.00 per night if you want a five star hotel. I was at the resurant eating once and the Kenya Vice President was having dinner at the time and I stopped to talk with him.  This hotel has everything that a five Star hotel has to offer
The Hotel that I love most in Nairobi Kenya is the fabulous Safari Park Hotel and Casino. In 1994 I had a scheduled Kickboxing match at the hotel but we booked the date where Kenya was in semi finals of a soccer match and in Kenya everyone watch soccer and we canceled the event.
The Safari Park has a night club and a resturaunt that serves wild Game meat like Zebra, Girrafe, aligator, Camel and all types of Wild game.  Each night there is a first class African Show.  The hotel is a secuded resort where peacoks are walking around.  The disadvantage for me is the fact that I never had time to be secluded in Nairobi.  Nairobi Kenya is so cool I never had time to swim in Nairobi, I did not play golf and walking around all over Nairobi is a thrill. In town Nairobi have many five star hotels.  The big problem that we will have in Nairobi is the fact that we will never be in the hotel.  We star activities early morning, in the evening we catch a dinner, theatre, concert or travel the town.  Whenever we return to the hotel we are sleep a few hours and right back up.  In the past cases senoirs who traveled to Kenya were excited and we all kelp late hours.
The Parkside is a 2 Star hotel that is less than $35.00 each night.  For many on the tour this is affordable. 
This is the Inter Continetal a five star Hotel. Most five Star hotels are priced over $150.00 and Kenya had countless five star hotels.
During my last visit to Kenya a few years ago I stayed here at the SixtyEighty Hotel.  I got a dynamite rate.  The hotel during this time had added a gamling Casino downstairs and during my last visit Colin Powell was there for a Convention to broker a deal with Somalia.  All of the powers to be of Somalia were staying at the hotel.  If I can negociate the killer deal that I got during my last visit this is where most of us will stay.  This is a 3 star hotel. It was close to everythings in Nairobi.
The Holiday Inn Nairobi is spectacular and Kenya has more hotels than you can imagine at any budget that one can afford. Many may be suspect about Africa however when it comes to Kenya they provide the best service and accomdations in the world.  Even the cheap hotels in Kenya provide great care and comfort.

Let me close regarding the issue of hotels by letting you know comfort and a great stay will not be an issue in Kenya.  During our stay in Nairobi there will be very little time to stay at any hotel in Nairobi because we will be on the go visiting, site seeing, business meetings and activities will keep us very busy. Also this tour will include staying at a luxury hotel on the beach in Mombassaa Kenya where we will fly from Nairobi Kenya to Mombass Kenya on the coast.  This will be greater than going to Hawaii or the Caribbean Islands.  I plan to get on another sail boat and cruise down the Indian Ocean.  We will get to that part as I illustrate our great African adventure.

No matter what your budget is, you will be able to travel to Kenya and have a wonderful time.  Below is the picture of a "Youth Hostel." For decades "young whites" have traveled to Kenya and they backpack across the country and they take Kenya's Cheap transportation and travel the country.  African Americans are not as exploratory as Whites, there alternatives ways of Travel and hotel where you can still enjoy yourself.  Below is a picture of a "Youth Hostel" these are clean and cheap rooms under $12.00 each night.  The  stressed out Travelers will be able to live at a dormitory setting for free or you make spring for a Youth Hostel.  Many of the Church groups will join with other Church members and you will be very busy.  We will have conventions, seminars and activities going on  almost 24 hours.  After spending about two days in Nairobi we will move to various parts of Kenya.