If we do not have the numbers to depart from Memphis, Tennessee we will Depart Washington D.C. to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia via Ethiopian Airlines.  The planes stops to fuel in Italy.  Those who wish have the option to include time in Italy can add this to the package. The Safari Tour will include a few days in Ethiopia and we will fly from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Nairobi, Kenya. A second tour of Ethiopia and Ghana is planned. Many Americans think Africa are in jugules and they are fearful of their accomodations. Ethiopia is a grand tour site however outside of the city is a bit too challenging for the average Black person.  White travel all of the time and they are more adventurous
Picture Tour of our Safari Tour 2018
Those who have the extra money and energy can travel a day or two early to Washington D.C. and enjoy Washington D.C. just be at the Airport in time to board our flight to Ethiopia. Most who wish to travel with the tour will simply depart Memphis in the morning and transfer to the evening flight to Ethiopia. This is not a strict tour where you will have to spend 24/7 with a group.
We will arrive at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Africa's most modern Airport. When we arrive at the airport in Addis Ababa Ethiopia our family in Ethiopia will be waiting to greet us. Transport will be waiting on us to take us to our hotels. Addis Ababa has some very nice Hotels where the price is under $30.00 American dollars each night.  Most of us will stay at such hotels, however those in the group who wish to reside in the luxury hotels like the Sheraton Addis or the Hilton. Such accomdations are available. I will stay in the cheap hotel that accomodated a wonderful time for me an my Ethiopian wife.
We will arrive at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
This is a picture of the 5 star Sheraton Addis Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and we will visit this hotel as a tour stop. During my visits I go there for dancing and concerts but the hotel rates were too rich for my blood. They have a nice Hilton Hotel and the classic Ghion Hotel that is very reasonable.  The Ghion hotel had a rate of about $65.00 a night and it is grand.  In my case I spend weeks and months in Ethiopia and I could not afford the real luxury hotels.  Please note when booking this tour everyone has the option to book a hotel that your budget can afford. This tour will include people of various social econonic backgrounds. The attorney, doctor or business professional whose standard stay in hotels are the luxury venues will have the opportunity to book  budget, moderate or luxury. In my personal case there were times that I went luxury  when I had the money. In times of a limited budget I only want a clean and safe room because most times in Africa we will not be at the hotel. If you have the extra money we will make sure those who can afford it get the best luxury accomadations.  My wife Bogalech and I stayed at a modest hotel called the classic hotel. When you walk outside there are little shops and resturants that we enjoyed visiting. While at this hotel this little store sell this Ethiopian cheese and cold cuts.  When you stay at the luxury hotels there are no fruit stands, Internet shops, little stores and common people. In the luxury hotels they have everything at the hotel at the hotel prices.
This is a picture of me arriving at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on September 18, 2005.  This is my first meeting of my now wife Bogalech Akeberegn Debaye Elmore.  When we travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia plans are for the group to visit the neighborhood and family home of Bogalech.

Family picture meeting Bogalech in Ethiopia for the first time. Bogalech picture on the left was taken on Channel Three after she molded African clothes on the show "Live at Nine."
The Ghion Hotel in Addis Ababa is next door to the Royal Palace. The hotel has an Olympic sized swimmg pool and the area is wonderful .
This is the Axum Hotel in Addis Ababa where I stayed in the past, just down from this hotel is the classic and the Holiday Hotels that are also nice and less expensive.  This area is only five minutes from the airport.  When our trip is planned those who choose to spend extra can upgrade to a luxury hotel.
Anthony Elmore is the personal tour guide. Who will arrange everything for everybody. Since this tour will have such an array of people in the group. We will arrange tours within tours. Some love history and art, while others want entertainment and leisure. Smokers with smokers and drinkers with drinkers.
Seated wearing eyeglasses is Mr. Habtu Keflu Bersubahel an Ethiopian  history teacher of over 35 years and an excellect English speaker.  Habtu is my brother in law who is married to my wife's Bogalech sister Birtukan who is on the left wearing the eyglasses,  The gentlemen holding the shades the left is my wife's brother Hailmeskel  who is the number one math student in his college in Ethiopa.  The little girl is the daughter of Habtu and Birtukan, her name is Meskelrum.  The gentlemen wearing the necktie in the above picture is Mr. Tadesse Haile the Ethiopian Minister of Trade. Our  connections in Ethiopia reach government, business, Church, education and common people.
Our family members, Ethiopian friends and government associates will work to make our stay the very, very best in Ethiopia. Meskerum is the number one student at her school and she is an excellent English speaker who will also assist Americans to learn about Ethiopian culture.