In regard to  the Safari tour  this tour is unique depending on the status of some individuals. Our first consideration is financial, the second consideratiion is time and the third consideration is energy.  We recommend for those who do not have the money to take the entire tour you can return home and know that you have seen the best of Africa, others may not have the time and can only spare a week off of work. For those who can enjoy the entire trip there is cost for more hotel stays, ground transportation and if you travel to Mombassa, Kenya to spend time on the beach there will be an added charge for roundtrip airfare from Nairobi to Mobassa.There is time to plan for all or part of the tour depending on time and money.
The Barack Obama Heritage Tour
This Kenya Tour is not set in stone and before we put our final itinary in place we will meet with all involved and make a final schedule.  The distance from Nairobi to Kisumu near Kegelo or the ancestoral home of Barack Obama Sr.  totals about 250 miles in Western Kenya. Some may prefer going to Kegelo as a priority,  if this is the case we can go to Lake Nakuru and continue to kisumu.  Kisumu by western standards is a small town and after dinner there is no night life.  Lake Victoria is beautiful and a boat ride is nice to see the hippos. This trip will be very important to many and for those who cannot stay for 10 days may have to arrange this tour early in the trip.  We could leave Kisumu and arrive at Massai Mara and this will be  a great tour that will take 4 days and we can be back in Nairobi. As an African/American who has traveled to Kenya many times in order to make the Barack Obama Scheduled tour in a short time I do not like Americans being away from the an International setting is too long. I like to be away from  Nairobi only one night.  Taking Kegelo and Massai Mara for 4 days .is a lot to take for an African/American.  In my case I will have to get to an Internet Calf and check my emails or I will go crazy.  There is a new hotel in Kogelo but it is a small hotel for a small group and not massive people at one time.  I met the owner of the hotel it is beautiful  for a small group. We enjoyed visited the Obama heritage home.
This is th old home of Sarah Obama the Grandmother of Barack Obama Jr.
Barack Obama with Grandmother Sarah in 1987
This is a picture of Barack Obama in the little village of Nyangoma-Kegelo in Western Kenya where the Luo tribe live.  This area is near the equator close to Lake Victoria. There is also a school named after Barack Obama in this area that we will visit. More importantly our group will meet many of Barack Obama family members during our visit.  We hope that our group will get to meet Grandmother Sarah Obama.
Barack Obama in Kenya visiting Grandmother Sarah in 2006
I learned a great lesson in the town of Kisumu in 1994

In 1993 I took a group of African/Americans to Kenya and I never questioned anyone's personal behavior.  It was agreed that two women in group would share a room.  While in Kisumu the area of Barack Obama Sr. one lady told me that she was leaving the room because her room mate was smoking grass.  I got so angry at the woman who smoked the grass because such behavior was unacceptable, secondly Kenya has a life sentence for smoking grass. Thirdly how could she come 10,000 miles and find out how to purchase weed?  A lot has changed since my going to this area of Kenya Barack Obama visited Kenya  only 3 years prior to our first visit .

During my1st visit to Kisumu we had a planned scheduled so when we arrived I told our Safari driver to take off since we would remain at our hotel.  One of the women independent and well traveled looked in the travel guide and discovered a nice resturant called the hippopatumus and the women made decision to walk there by themselves and enjoy the scenary.  My father decided to remain at the hotel and I told the women that I should go with them just in case and that they should not be so fast to go out on their own.  We had an enjoyable walk in Kisumu to the resturaunt.  After having a good time joking and eating we ordered at taxi only to learn that taxis do not run after a certain hour and we had to walk back.  The problem was the fact that there were no lights in this town and you literally could not see your hands in front of you.  I was there with five women walking around in the dark lost in Africa.  I was so angry at the bull headed women who insisted on leaving the hotel.  A man was traveling the road on a bicycle with a light on it and we asked him to direct us through the dark to our hotel. While we were walking the Indian owners of the resturant knew that we were Americans and they worried about our saftey and they gave us ride back.  I am sure with the election of Barack Obama with the tourist sector growning in this area there is better service. More importantly I will never let our driver take off just in case someone wants to explore a bit.  Kenya is a very safe place if we venture near the tourist sectors. One thing you can be assured of, the Kenyan goverment will make sure that we are accomodated a proper way that is safe and convientient.  They had added new roads and accomodations since the election of President Barack Obama Jr.  We took the Video of the Obama heritage home in May of 2013.
This is an area view of Kisumu