Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi is a bustlin airport with Tourist from around the world. Compared to Nairobi Memphis is a Country Town
 When you arrive in Kenya you will be greeted  "Karibu Greeting."  Karibu means "Welcome" in Swahili.  Nairobi and other parts of Kenya will be transformed into a "dreamlike" state and your time in Kenya will be "The world largest Family Reunion."    While in Kenya we will all travel in many different directions.   Some of us will be picked up by Kenyan citizens and they will stay in the homes of many Kenyans.  Some will travel to the "Safari Homecoming Celebration Temporary Residence Center."
This is my now deceased father William Frank Elmore my dad cried after coming to Africa and seeing how wonderful it was.  Dad Visited Kenya 3 times and after traveling to Kenya each year he started taking International trips.  Dad delayed his retirement so that he could travel later in life he made it to China, Australia, Italy and other countries.  A sudden bout with Protrate Cancer took him out in 2003.  Dad really loved Kenya.  Those who read this site if you can make a way to send your parents to Africa they would get a thrill of their lifetime. Let us get to the hotels in Kenya.
We make the clear this is a "Family Celebration and we will follow the Kenyan motto of "Harambee" which means; "all put together."  Our plan is to take up donations to help  individuals to supplement their travel to Kenya. In simple terms those who pay for travel to Kenya and who cannot afford Hotel will be award temporary stay at a school of public building in Kenya where we will set up a place to eat and sleep while in Kenya.  For the record you will be so busy in Kenya you will not have time to chill in a hotel room. For many getting to Africa will be a life's dream and we want make the trip possible for as many people as possible.